Ikap’s experienced management team are at the forefront of providing insurance solutions in M&A and tax transactions. With direct access to all the underwriting syndicates at Lloyds of London we can work with you to offer bespoke solutions as you or your clients require.

Whether a known potential tax liability has been identified during due diligence, or an uncertainty in the application of tax law that a client requires protection against, we can work with you to provide the security you need. In the absence of agreement as to whom should take a known tax risk, tax liability insurance can help get the deal done.

Over the coming months we will be sharing our experiences in providing Tax Liability Insurance as means to helping M&A deals over the line; they will ill include:



  • Collapsing a Jersey property unit trust
  • Dry tax charge: IPO proceeds
  • Fund structure wind up
  • Individual sellers: CGT
  • Loan relationship rules & debt for equity swap
  • Residence
  • SDLT & Project Blue case
  • Pre-sale restructuring
  • Specific tax indemnities in an M&A deal where seller to be liquidated
  • Substantial shareholding exemption
  • Real estate: trading or investment
  • VAT: transfer of going concern
  • Withholding tax: UK source of interest
  • Beneficial ownership
  • Tax indemnities where seller will liquidate (a fund)

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